5 Students of Guwahati Chess Academy got International Fide Rating

Five players, Jagajit Sinha, Shuvang Pran Kashyap, Suhan Pati, Antarip Baruah and Jayraj Barman of Guwahati Chess Academy is included in Fide Rating List published by World Chess Federation on 1st August, 2022. According to the August 1,2022 Fide Rating List Jagajit got 1309 rating points, Shuvang Pran got 1269 rating points, Suhan Pati got 1159 rating points, Antarip got 1113 rating points and Jayraj Got 1038 rating points.

Players were awarded rating on the basis of their performances in “4th Ayodhana International Fide Rating Chess Tournament” held in Guwahati from 3rd July to 8th July, 2022 at Guwahati. Jagajit, Shuvang, Suhan, Antarip and Jayraj are currently undergoing training at Guwahati Chess Academy under Fide Instructor Pranab Kumar Nath.
Players are congratulated for their achievement by Pranab Kumar Nath, Chief Coach, Guwahati Chess Academy.

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