Nalinakhya Kashyap Clinched the Title

In Sunday Rapid Chess Tournament (17th Edition)

Guwahati Chess Academy hosted the 17th Edition of the Sunday Rapid Chess Tournament on May 14, 2023, at Academy premises on R G Baruah Road in Guwahati. In an impressive display of skill and determination, Nalinakhya Kashyap emerged as the deserving champion. With an exceptional performance, Kashyap scored an impressive 5.5 points out of 6 rounds, remaining undefeated throughout the entire tournament.

Scoring 5 points out of 6 rounds, Prakash Nath secured second place in the tournament. Although he started off strong, winning the first four rounds, he faced a setback in the fifth round, where he lost to eventual champion Nalinakhya Kashyap. Despite this roadblock, Prakash maintained his focus and made an impressive recovery, winning his final round against Priyanuj Das and securing the well-deserved second position in the tournament.

Atharva Mahanta, Shuvang Pran Kashyap, and Nibhriti Goswami showcase strong performances earning a commendable score of 5 points each out of 6 rounds. All three players showcased their exceptional skills, However, on the basis of the tie-break, they were ranked third, fourth, and respectively.


Navishta Hazarika played well to score 4 points from 6 rounds and named best girl of the tournament.

In under-7 category Hreyansh Deka got first position by scoring 3 points. Akanksha Kalita and Charvi Shree Barman scored 2 points each and declared second and third on the basis of tie-break score.

In the under-9 category, Dhanyata Goswami, Dhirhan Goswami and Abri Nayla Borah all scored 3 points each. But Dhanyata got first position on account of her better tie-break while Dhirhan and Abri Nyla got second and third position respectively

In the under-11 category, Moni Shankar Bayan scored 4 points and got first position. Tanishq Thakuria also scored 4 points but declared second position on the basis of tie-break score. Ahan Prasad Kashyap scored 3.5 points and got third position.  

Jayraj Barman scored 4 points and got first position in under-13 category. Nibir Nilay Baishya scored 3.5 points and got second position. Ankipan Kalita scored 2 points and got third position in this category.

In under- 15 category, Priyanuj Das scored 4.5 points and got first position. Priyush Pritam Mosorong scored 4 points and got second position. Kritartha Saikia also scored 4 points but got third position on the basis of tie-break score.

The Tournament, organized by the Guwahati Chess Academy, drew a total of 49 participants, which included four International rated players. The tournament followed a rapid time format, and conducted in Swiss league system for six rounds of intense competition. The top five players were honored with trophies and cash prizes.The tournament was conducted under the expert guidance of Pranab Kumar Nath, an experienced Fide Arbiter, who served as the Chief Arbiter for the event. His extensive knowledge and expertise ensured a fair and competitive environment for all the players. The tournament provided a platform for players of various skill levels to showcase their talent and passion for the game.

The media also given wide publicity to tournament. English and vernacular both media published report of the tournament with photo.

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