Guwahati Chess Academy Online Chess tournament.

Rules and Regulations

  1. The tournament will be held on under Zoom Video Conferencing System on 10th October, 2021.
  2. Player Reporting time is 7.30 AM, Technical Meeting and Device Set Up 8. AM, First Round at 9. AM   
  3. *Players may play only on laptop or desktop with windows OS* Mobile Phone and tablet are not allowed. 
  4. Internet connectivity is the player’s responsibility. Please ensure you have a reliable connection which you trust.
  5. *An internet disconnection from ZOOM for a duration of 5 minutes from zoom or more will be declared loss*.
  6.  A functioning webcam is mandatory so that arbiters can comfortably see you and your surroundings. Players must be able to scan their playing area using their webcam.
  7. Adequate and even lighting is required, including on the players’ faces. Please ensure that you and your surroundings will be visible on camera at all times.
  8.  Players should log into Zoom with their starting rank number and name. The Zoom Arbiters shall virtually inspect the Setup of Playing Devices and Zoom Set up of players before the start of each game.
  9. *A working microphone & speakers are mandatory*. You must be able to hear arbiters. Please make sure speakers are turned on before the start of competition so arbiters can communicate with you. The arbiter may request that you turn up your microphone in order to observe noise originating from your call. Players must comply with this request.
  10. During play, headphones will not be permitted during the course of play. You may use them before or after the games.
  11. Only players are allowed access to his / her playing area. *Mobile Phone, Tablet or any other electronic communication device not authorised by Arbiter is not allowed in playing area. If any such device is found in the playing area, he will lose his game immediately*
  12. Any outside help or computer assistance is strictly prohibited.   
  13. All participants shall comply and co-operate with the Fair Play rules.
  14. Players may be removed from the Championship at any time on final decision of the Chief Arbiter based on fair play rules.
  15. In case of a tie, the tie shall be broken in accordance with the following:-

1. Buchholz Cut 1

2. Buchholz

3. Sonneborn-Berger

4. Direct encounter

5. The greater number of wins including forfeits

6. Number of wins with Black pieces

Top Five Players will be awarded Trophy and Top three players from Under-7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 categories will be awarded Medal. Top Three girl players will also be awarded Medal.  

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