All Assam Open Prize Money Chess Tournament, DoomDooma


Cheniram Pegu is leading the field with perfect score of 6 points from 6 rounds. In the sixth round he beat reigning Assam champion Iftikar Alom Mazumdar. But the biggest upset was caused by veteran Mahendra Borah. In a battle of two former Assam champion Mahendra Borah prevailed over his fancied opponent and favorite Soram Rahul Singh. Second seed Projit Phukan is crawling back to top again after initial hiccup on third round against Mrinmoy Rajkhowa. In the sixth round he beat Deep Das. Now Subhajit Dhar, Nilabhjyoti Barthakur, Projit Phukan and Mahendra Borah are trailing Cheniram with 5 points each.

Assam Champion Iftikar Alam Mazumdar in action .

Youngsters Mrinmoy Rajkhowa, Abhas Ramya Saikia and Vivek Rajkonwar could not keep their initial momentum and now in Mrinmoy and Abhash are in next poition with 4.5 points and Vivek is on 4 points.   

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