Chess Training Camp for Teachers of schools of Kamrup District which are covered under “Pratyahban” scheme of Government will be held from 22nd to 25th March,2021 at Aarohan Building Wireless, Guwahati and organized by Assam Chess Club.  One teacher of each of the school which are covered by the government scheme “Pratyahban” can be deputed for two-day chess training program to be held in batchwise at Aarohan Building Wireless, Guwahati. First batch will be held on 22nd and 23rd March,2021 and Second batch will be held from 24th and 25th March,2021. Training will be held from 11 AM.

It is a good sign for Assam Chess that education department of Government of Assam is taking initiative to give chess training to school teachers.

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